February 2016   
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To be eligible for participation in Goodtimers, you must be at least 55 years of age and attend FBC, Noble.

Questions? Suggestions?  Email pjrhodes@fbcnoble.org



Dr. Cleve Haley is the bus driver for Goodtimers trips.  We have two experienced back-up drivers, if needed.  Several Goodtimers are available to drive the vans.

The church office does not handle reservations or cancellations.  Contact “pjrhodes” to make or cancel a reservation.  Sign up even if the list is filled as we usually have a few cancellations.

Cancellations are a MUST.  A $5 fee is charged for failure to cancel a reservation.

We leave promptly at the stated time.

Cost of trip is whatever admission fee is charged, plus meal(s).  Buying your own lunch/dinner is a given for any trip.

Some attractions are free(D)—that means they would like a donation. Be prepared for those.

Fees must be paid in full by the deadline; otherwise the reservation is automatically canceled.

There are no refunds for “locked in” trips.

Make checks payable to First Baptist Church - Goodtimers

Any spouse under 55 years of age is required to pay the Adult fee.   Exception: If the attraction includes all ages in a Group Rate.

If the age limit is 62+, everyone under that age will be charged the Adult fee.  Exception as stated above.


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